• Personalized Learning Campus Fact Sheet

    authorJan. 26th, 2016

    Click here to view the two-page overview of Chickasha High School's Personalized Learning Campus.



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  • PLC Not a Separate Entity, Superintendent Says

    authorJan. 26th, 2016

    Chickasha Public Schools will offer the first blended and flexible high school program in Oklahoma for the 2016-2017 school year. The Personalized Learning Campus will offer a mixture of traditional in-classroom time, digital textbooks and classes at the Canadian Valley Technology Center or a university. The students who choose to participate in PLC will still attend Chickasha High School at the same campus.

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  • Chickasha High School to open Personalized Learning Campus in Fall 2016

    authorJan. 21st, 2016


    Chickasha High School is breaking the mold when it comes to education. The district wants to try a personalized education campus where students are in charge of their own education.


    Starting in the fall of 2016, 150 students and five teachers will test the new style of learning with ninth through twelfth graders. The school building will be open 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and during that time students will need to clock in for six and a half hours. While at school it is up to the students, using digital textbooks and help from teachers and tutors, to learn class materials.



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Coming soon...

The online application is now live. To fill out the application click on the button below.


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1.  Is this new program required for all students?


No, it is an option for parents and students.  Parents and students can chose to remain in a traditional class environment, quality academy, or personalized learning campus.  Parents and students should educate themselves on the available options and make the best decision for them.


2. How can I learn more about enrolling in the Personalized Learning Campus?


There are informative parent meetings scheduled for Feb. 8 and Feb. 9, 2016. These meetings will discuss enrollment information for both traditional and personalized learning opportunities.

All students will complete a traditional enrollment form. Those interested in the Personalized Learning Campus will complete a pre-enrollment form expressing interest, which will also contain the online application information.


Feb. 8, 2016 Parent Meetings

6 p.m. - Seniors

7:15 - Juniors


Feb. 9, 2016 Parent Meetings

6 p.m. - Freshman

7:15 - Sophomores


3. Is this program like online education?


No, it’s not online education. It’s not a virtual school. This program uses a digital curriculum and a learning management system, which many schools in Oklahoma use. What sets this program apart is that it lets students advance through courses based on their mastery of the concepts. When a student understands the material, he/she gets to move on. This allows kids to move at their own pace and lets teachers personalize the curriculum for the student and reach them the way they learn best.

Our students will have an instructor for every class; a teacher they can ask questions to as well as participate in seminars. Each student will also have a mentor teacher that follows the student’s progress a minimum of once per week. The teacher creates the lesson plans and guides learning.  


4. What will happen to the alternative education program, known as our Quality Academy? Will this replace it?


Nothing will happen to alternative education. The Quality Academy is a path for certain students to complete their high school education. This program will continue and will serve students as it has in the past.


5. Will this program reduce the number of teachers at Chickasha High School?


No, this program isn’t intended to replace or remove teachers. Instead, this model allows teachers to make the curriculum relevant to all students, in the way that works for them. Teachers will provide instruction through student skill groups, study groups,  group project sessions or project based learning, and of course, guiding the student so he can work alone if he so chooses. Personalized learning requires good teachers to ensure student learning. There will never be good, quality education without good quality teachers.


6. What type of students thrive in a personalized learning environment?


All students! Students master the curriculum at their own pace. If they know a subject well, they progress more quickly. If they struggle, they have the time to spend to know and understand the concepts. Students of varied abilities all have the opportunity to find success. Whether students are college bound or plan to enter the workforce after high school, this is a program that will benefit them, providing flexibility to prepare themselves through the programs they choose.


7. Does the High School have the technology to make this program work?


Absolutely. The wireless network has been upgraded at all sites in the district. The district has purchased nearly 1000 student devices in the past 18 months. We are committed to utilizing technology to improve student success.


8. Will students have the same access to activities such as band or athletics?


Actually, better access. Since students work at their own pace and also choose when to work they have even more flexibility when it comes to being a part of clubs, activities, or athletics.


9. How does the concurrent courses work?


The same as it has worked in the past. Students will attend class at the high school or on the college campus. The advantage of this program is twofold:


1).  If kids progress at an accelerated pace they will have the opportunity to take more college courses before graduation.


2).  When you get to choose your path, place, and time you get more flexibility in when and where you take concurrent courses.


10. Will the teacher or the student be responsible for updates on class lectures, lab dates, etc.?


As in any high school, the teacher is responsible for delivering instruction, providing disclosure documents, communicating with parents and students, and providing student progress updates.


11.  Are the personalized learning campus students still part of CHS?


Yes, all of our students are Fightin’ Chicks!  They can participate in all activities, pep assemblies, athletics, band, choir, clubs,and organizations.